Search Basics | Quick Search & Full Search

Quick Search runs while you are typing and returns the top results for what you might be looking for. You can select any item from the drop down.

Full Search is performed when you type "ENTER" after your search term and it takes you to a search results page. You can select an item on the results page or further refine your search.


Refining Your Search

Once you perform a Full Search at, you can refine the results.

We offer two Primary Filters: My Products & Top Products
My Products - Filters your results to only those products you have purchased from us in the past year.
Top Products - Filters your results to only those that are stocked at, at least one of the Consolidated Supply Co. branches.

The filters appearing on the left side of the results will be determined by the category of products you are searching for.

You can also Search Within the results using any keyword.