My Lists

My Lists | Overview

My Lists is a convienent way to organize and quickly access your commonly ordered products.

You can create your own lists or have your Digital Experience Specialist create lists for you.

We can create Stock Lists, Job Account Material Lists, easy-to-order lists - i.e. 50 Gallon Water Heater Kit, Standard Toilet Kit, - etc.


Creating & Adding To My Lists

To create a list, you can click the "CREATE LIST" button on the right side of your My Lists page or the "+ MY LIST" button next to a product and use the pop up menu.

You can add products to My Lists from:

  • A Product Page
  • My Products
  • Search Results
  • Order History

You can also add products from within a specific list using the "+ ADD ITEMS" button and search using an Item #, Keyword, or Short Code.


Uploading Lists

You can use an XLS, XLSX, or CSV file to easily upload a list of products to My Lists.

Open the list you would like to add products to and click the "+ ADD ITEMS" button. Then choose the "Upload Items" option.

You can use the Item #'s found on the website or your company's internal part numbers to upload. You also have the choice to set a default quantity and unit of measurement. If you leave those columns blank, it will default to 1 for the quantity and the standard default unit of measurement we have set up for each product.

Note: An Upload Template is available in the "Upload Items" menu. To use your company's internal part numbers, your Digital Experience Specialist will need to upload them to your account first.


Editing Lists

Once your lists are created, you can edit them by adding items, removing items, changing the default quantity and unit of measure, and attaching notes. You can also organize your products in any order you prefer. You can drag and drop items to different positions and save your custom sort order.


Sharing Lists

Want other employees within your company to see a list you've created? You can easily send a copy of a list or allow others to view the list on your account.

If you send a copy, that person will have the choice to save it to their account. It will be their own list and they will be able to make changes to it.

If you choose to allow others to view or edit your list, they will be able to see your list and any changes you make to it. You can allow them to make changes directly to your list - this includes adding/removing items, reorganizing products, changing default quantities and unit of measurement - or only allow them to view your list without the ability to make changes. You also have the option of sharing your list with specific employees or all employees with online accounts set up.

In order for someone to save a list, they must have an account set up. They can "REQUEST AN ACCOUNT" or visit our Getting Started page.