Placing an Order


Placing your order online at is easy.

  • Start by adding items to your cart and then reviewing your cart.
  • On the cart page you can choose the branch you'd like to place your order with.
  • You can also quickly add any additional items you would like.
  • There is even an option for adding a non-stock product if you don't find it online.

Note: Lots of users like to use the cart to check branch availability for their entire order before deciding to check out.  Just change the branch and the entire cart will update availability to show for that branch.


Check Out

Placing your order online at is easy. Once you've completed your cart, go through the check out process.

  • On the check out page, you will be able to select delivery or pick-up and enter a one-time shipping address.
  • You will select your payment method.
  • And you will need to enter a Job Name or PO#. You can use whatever you like in this field, but it is required.

Note: Delivery address will default to the selected Job Account address. You can always change it to a one-time delivery address or change the Job Account.