Quick Order

Quick Order

Quick Order is one of the fastest ways to create an order online. You can add many items to a Quick Order without ever leaving the page.

  • Go to Quick Order (found in the header)
  • Type a part number, short code, or other unique identifier
  • Suggestions will appear as you type
  • Press the down arrow to select a suggestion, or if the top suggestion is what you want, press "Enter"
  • Select a quantity and press "Enter"
  • You're now ready to enter your next item
  • When you've added all the items you want, select the "Add All to Cart & Checkout" button

Note: Quick Order is most useful if you know the number or identifier of the product you want. If you are looking for a product by description use search (in the header) instead.



Quick Order Upload

Quick Order Upload is the fastest way to input orders from an Excel or CSV File.

  • First navigate to the quick order page
  • Select "Upload An Order" and browse to the order you want to upload
  • Checkout normally

There is an example order template that you can download from the order upload page. On the template you will find instructions on the page for formatting your order in a way that the website can understand.