What It Is

When we say, "we take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well", it’s not just lip service. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is – we provide $25 anytime one of our Five Service Guarantee Promises isn't fulfilled. 

We call it Deliver on the Promise

You can call it extraordinary customer service. We guarantee we will live up to our five promises, but since we all know nothing in this life is a hundred percent, we also make it up to you if we fall short. 

Our commitment to Deliver on the Promise is about striving for excellence, and recognizing it takes continuous improvement to do so. In fact, every time we issue a $25 Service Guarantee, we also begin an internal discovery process to determine why we missed our mark. Every time. Deliver on the Promise makes us better partners by simultaneously maintaining standards of excellence while also learning how to improve our service.

Delivering on the Promise is more than a standard we uphold, it’s part of our culture - it guides all our thinking, our processes, and our commitment to customers. It ensures your needs come first and are handled efficiently with gratitude for the business you share with us.

Do we need to Deliver on the Promise for you? 
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How It Works

How It Works

The Promises

Return Goods
Return Goods Instant Credit

When you return resellable stock products, your account will be credited by the close of the next business day.

Timeliness of Delivery

We will deliver your order to you at the mutually agreed upon time.

Never Out of Stock Products

We will never be out of stock on our published Service Guarantee Products.

Order Accuracy

You will receive exactly what you ordered.

Will Call Orders
Will Call Orders Ready

Will call orders will be ready for pickup at the mutually agreed upon time.

The Guarantee

The Guarantee

We take pride
in doing ordinary things
extraordinarily well.

Karla Neupert Hockley - President, Consolidated Supply Co.

Karla Neupert Hockley

President, Consolidated Supply Co.

Double QuoteWhen we take care of our customers,  you take care of us. Here at Consolidated, we've got your back - it's part of our promise to you.

Submit Your Promise Fulfillment Request

Have we not lived up to our Five Promises? Submit a promise fulfillment request and our team will make things right.

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