Mobile Apps

Available for both iOS & Android

     Consolidated Supply Co. at your fingertips.
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The Consolidated Supply Co. mobile app is an easy way to stay connected while you're on the go or at a job site. The app lets you: 

  • Place new orders
  • View Saved orders
  • Submit Quotes
  • Review invoices and past orders
  • Download spec sheets and installation guides
  • Search for products
  • Sign in with Face ID
  • Scan barcodes
  • Use your lists
  • And more...

Download the app using the links below: 





Re-Order, Replenish, Real Fast

StockRoom is a mobile app solution that can be used with your iPad or iPhone in combination with a BlueTooth barcode scanner to make replenishment orders quick and easy. Scan the codes, choose your quantities, place the order. All from a mobile device.

Sign up for a StockRoom account with your Consolidated Supply Co. sales representative.