Inventory Replenishment

Consolidated Supply Co. offers several tools to make inventory management and reordering product more organized and easier than ever before. 

Whether you work from your truck or have a large warehouse, we have solutions to fit all sizes of businesses.

Explore some of our self-service solutions below or reach out to your Sales Rep or Digital Experience Specialist to find out more.

Barcode Books

Our Barcode Books are a fast & portable way to order your frequently used products on the go or from your shop. We have a large selection of well organized books available for download. Use the mobile app to scan and order quickly from any location.

Barcode Labels

Our easy-to-use barcode labeling system makes re-ordering from your shop or truck easier than ever before. Place the labels on your storage system using stickers or magnets and use the mobile app to scan and order quickly. Get organized and save time!


Shop Organization Consultation

We have extensive experience helping our customers streamline their warehouses using our digital ordering tools. From scannable labels for inventory managment to material storage solutions, we can help streamline any size business.