Build on Uponor. Build on 100 years.

Trust forms the basis of any successful partnership. We create trust together with our partners: Customers, prospective customers and suppliers. We establish this with shared knowledge, quality and sustainable results. This is what we have been doing for nearly 100 years.

Our customers have built on Uponor for the past 100 years. We are now building the bridge from a successful past to a sustainable future. With the same innovative spirit that replaced iron and copper with smarter, next-generation piping materials, we are moving forward to ever-more intelligent solutions. Embracing the opportunities of digitalisation. Pushing ahead to new heights of sustainability. Promoting innovative ingenuity in energy saving and intelligent water for the benefit of our customers and the world we live in.

Whether you are looking for a heating, cooling or a reliable heat and water supply system – Uponor has the suitable products. We have a long service life and comply with highest quality and hygiene standards. We contribute to the responsible use of water resources, enhance the quality of life and make sure that energy is used efficiently in all places. We are a partner of specialist installers, designers, investors and end costumers. Uponor experts will be happy to answer all of your questions on the product portfolio or the service range.