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Celebrating Family since 1928!

The story of Consolidated Supply Co. is like many other American companies, but what sets us apart are the people behind the business. The creation of Consolidated Supply Co. came when an idea met opportunity. In 1928, our founding father, Edwin Allen Neupert (E.A.) originated a plan to have local supply houses band together with the thought that consolidating their business efforts would give each of them a better chance of survival during the Depression. In March of 1928 four Portland, OR supply houses merged, and Consolidated Supply Co. was born.

Since the creation of CSCO in 1928, we have been a family run business for four generations. The legacy continues today with members of the fifth generation working for the business. It hasn’t always been easy but over the 90+ years we have been around, we have expanded the business to improve the lives of Pacific Northwest families across three states, 21 locations, and over 500 employees.

What makes us stand out after all these years is our commitment to you, the customer. We believe in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well and recognizing it takes continuous improvement to do so. By constantly working to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers along with superior products we look forward to serving you well into the 21st century!

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