Consolidated Supply Water Metering Solutions


At Consolidated Supply Co., we are proud to offer high-quality water metering products and services to our customers. We have a long-standing 30-year partnership with Mueller, the leading manufacturer of water meters and related equipment. Through Mueller, we offer an expansive range of metering solutions, from small-scale to large-scale projects, and from simple to advanced technologies. We have a team of experts who can assist you with your water metering needs, focusing on complete solutions for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), as well as ongoing data management and system services. 


Direct Read Meters

Direct meter reading is different from smart metering, which uses advanced technology to communicate water or electricity consumption data between utilities and customers in real-time or near real-time. Direct meter reading has some advantages, such as simplicity, accuracy, and low cost, but it also has some disadvantages, such as labor intensity, human error, and limited data availability.   


AMR/AMI Metering solutions can help improve billing, customer service, system planning, demand response, leak detection, outage management, and conservation efforts. Some of the benefits of AMR/AMI Metering are:  

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement by providing real-time feedback, usage alerts, smart pricing, and online portals.  

  • Improved system reliability and safety by detecting and resolving issues such as meter tampering, neutral faults, high impedance, and power quality problems.  


Mueller uses LoRaWAN technology for its smart water meter interface unit, using Mi.Net®. This allows utilities to collect water meter data remotely and efficiently, which can help them reduce water waste and costs. LoRaWAN also transforms municipalities' operations and service delivery. By using digital intelligence from network-connected sensors and devices, municipalities can improve operational efficiency, provide better services, engage in sustainable practices, and ultimately improve the quality of life for their citizens.  


Remote Disconnect Meters

Remote Disconnect Meters are a type of smart water meter that allows utilities to remotely control the water supply to customers. Remote Disconnect Meters can help utilities save costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service. Remote Disconnect Meters can also help customers conserve water, avoid leaks, and manage their bills. This patented product is exclusively available from Mueller through Consolidated Supply Co. Mueller’s Remote Disconnect Meters are designed to fit in existing meter boxes and piping configurations, without the need for any modifications. Mueller’s Remote Disconnect Meters have an integrated shut-off valve that can be activated by the utility through a wireless communication network. If you are looking for a reliable, innovative, and convenient way to meter your water consumption, you should consider Mueller’s Remote Disconnect Meters. Contact us today to find out more about our Remote Disconnect Meters and how they can benefit you and your utility.  

Leak Detection & Echologics

Leaks in water systems can waste millions of gallons of water each year, and they can also lead to costly repairs. Mueller Echologics is a non-invasive leak detection technology that can help find and eliminate leaks quickly and efficiently. Once a leak is detected, Echologics can pinpoint its exact location, which makes it easy for repair crews to fix the problem. Echologics has been widely used by municipalities to eliminate leaks and save water as a proven technology that is both effective and cost-saving.  


Turn-Key System

Let us do the heavy lifting. Consolidated Supply Co. offers complete turn-key solutions for utility projects. This involves a comprehensive project management strategy and installation. Our team will ensure your project is finished on time and within budget.  

Project Management & Contracting

At Consolidated Supply Co., we are more than just a supplier. We offer project management and contracting services to provide you with the latest technology and expertise to optimize the delivery and use of water to cities and municipalities throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  

Customer Service

We are proud to have a 30-year exclusive partnership with Mueller. We have an extensive network of stocking branches, which means we can fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a single part or a full-scale project, we are here to help you with our exceptional customer service. You will always talk to a live person who can assist you with your needs and answer your questions. Your daily schedule is a priority to us, and we value your time and satisfaction.  

Team Experience

At Consolidated Supply Co., our in-house experts and Mueller’s US-based support team are here to support you with reliable and trustworthy service. Our team has years of Water Works experience and is dedicated to ensuring the success of your project so that you can focus on what matters, providing clean and safe water to your community.