Uponor TotalFit™

Available Exclusively at Consolidated Supply Co.

Plumbers need a transition solution that inspires confidence when making the transition from the existing piping system in the home to their preferred system.

> Total Dependability

Experience greater peace of mind with Uponor’s trusted 25-year limited warranty.

> Total Productivity

Benefit from an easier transition to Uponor and eliminate the need for torches, solvents, or expensive tools.

> Total Efficiency

Speed projects by eliminating 60% of the transitional fittings that keep contractors on site making repairs.

> Total Value

Maximize profitability with high-quality EP materials while eliminating waste and boosting job-site productivity.

> Total Versatility

Enjoy a removable, reusable, universal fitting solution for PEX, PE-RT, CPVC, and copper pipe.

> Total Reliability

Gain greater confidence with a push-to-connect fitting system from the most trusted brand in the piping industry.

Connect in 5 Easy Steps

Available Exclusively at Consolidated Supply Co.