Place your first 3 digital orders and

receive a $150 Visa gift card!

How do I participate?

1) Place your FIRST digital order after July 15th. Promotion is open to any customer that hasn't placed a digital order in the past 12 months.

2) Place 3 (or more) total digital orders before September 30th

3) All orders must be over $150

Place your first order today. 
Promotion ends September 30, 2021

Promotion FAQ:

Q: What happens if I don't place my first order until the end of the campaign?
A: Customers who place their first digital order in the last two weeks of the campaign will receive a "grace period" to complete 2 additional orders after September 30th.

Q: Can all of my employees participate for a chance to win?
A: The promotion is tracked by customer, not by user.  Each company only wins once during this promotion.

Q: Who will receive the gift card if all three qualifying orders are placed?
A: Prizes are sent to owner / primary decision maker of the company.