Sioux Chief FinishLine™ 834-3PF Adjustable Drain Cleanout, 3 in Cleanout, PVC
Cleanouts & Cleanout Covers
MPN: 989236 3474015 MFG #: 834-3PF
25.77000 / ea

Tomahawk FinishLine™ Drain Cleanout, Adjustable, Series: 834, 3 in Cleanout, PVC

Sioux Chief 834 series FinishLine™ adjustable on-grade cleanout shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Cleanout shall allow adjustment before and AFTER the concrete pour. Scoriated cleanout cover shall meet applicable load requirements for intended use. Cleanout shall include a slotted, polypropylene or brass cleanout plug, situated in base adapter. Designed in accordance with ASME A112.36.2M-2002.

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  • Adjustable after the pour
  • ABS/PVC base adapter with polypro cleanout plug, ABS coring sleeve and head adapter
  • For use in pedestrian traffic areas
  • Standard/Approvals: ASME A112.36.2M-2002