Sioux Chief FinishLine™ 832-4DHNR Adjustable On-Grade Floor Drain With Ring and Strainer, Ductile Iron Drain
Floor Drains
MPN: 960144 3481589 MFG #: 832-4DHNR
340.00000 / ea

Tomahawk FinishLine™ On-Grade Floor Drain, Adjustable, Series: 832, Ductile Iron Drain, 6-1/2 in Dia

Sioux Chief 832 series FinishLine™ adjustable floor drain shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Floor drain shall allow adjustment before and AFTER the concrete pour. Strainer shall meet applicable load requirements for intended use. Trap primer port shall be threaded 1/2 in FIP for optional connection. Designed in accordance with ASME A112.6.3-2001.

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  • Adjustable after the pour
  • Ductile iron base adapter, coring sleeve, head adapter and poly coring plug
  • Nickel bronze and stainless steel strainers for use in pedestrian traffic areas
  • Ductile iron strainers for heavy-duty applications
  • 1000 lb light duty, heel-proof strainer load
  • 13.4 sq-in strainer free area
  • No-hub
  • Nickel-bronze round ring and strainer
  • Standard/Approvals: ASME A112.6.3-2001