Watco® QuickTrim® 939290-WI Trim Kit

908042 MFG #: 939290-WI
$59.50 / ea
  • Finish: Wrot Iron

Watco® QuickTrim® Trim Kit, Wrot Iron

  • Features
  • No tools needed
  • Install chrome on the rough-in and easily upgrade to special finish without removing the strainer body
  • Quickly and easily replace a damaged strainer body
  • Looks just as good as the original strainer body
  • Cover is thinner than a standard strainer body (0.03 in) and will not create a water dam
  • The O-ring seal is all that is required, no silicone, plumbers putty or epoxy is needed
  • Eliminates destroying the integrity of your test when removing a strainer body
  • Eliminates the labor required to remove and replace the strainer body
  • Eliminates the possibility of cross-threading or damaging the tub or of the drain fitting moving out of line when replacing the strainer body
  • INCLUDES: PUSH PULL® Brass Knob, 11510 Friction Ring and Post, Brass Stopper, 11507 1-1/16 in Dia Seal, QuickTrim® Strainer Body Cover, QuickTrim® 11138 O-Ring (Thick) for Brass Bodies, QuickTrim® 11136 O-Ring (Thin) for Zinc Bodies, Innovator®