Flitz® CR 01606 Instant Calcium Rust and Lime Remover, 16 oz Spray Bottle
Etchants, Rust & Lime Removers
MPN: 876450 4478242
16.38000 / ea

Flitz® Rust and Lime Remover, Instant Calcium, 16 oz, Spray Bottle, Applicable Materials: Glass, Aluminum and Fiberglass

  • Features
  • Instantly removes hard water spots and rust stains caused by sprinklers, calcium deposits and stains, soap scum, lime deposits, corrosion, tarnish, grease and oil
  • Used in indoor or outdoor application
  • Safe on glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, fiberglass, stucco, brick, porcelain, brass and copper
  • Not for chrome
  • Echo safe green product