Sioux Chief Trap-Ease™ 213-092 Trap Primer Tailpiece, 1-1/4 in, 6 in L, Fine Thread Connection, Brass, Domestic
Tubular Tailpieces
MPN: 866282 3476763 MFG #: 213-092
25.03000 / ea

Tomahawk Trap-Ease™ Tailpiece, Trap Primer, Series: 213, 1-1/4 in Pipe, 6 in Length, Fine Thread Connection, Brass, Chrome Plated, Domestic

Sioux Chief 200/213 series Trap Primer tailpieces shall be used where necessary in drainage systems. Trap primer tailpiece shall be a gravity fed device with no mechanical parts. Trap primer tailpiece shall embody a 1/2" nominal branch connection. Tailpiece shall be certified by ASSE to the ASSE 1044 Standard and meet applicable drainage requirements set forth by ASSE 1044.

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  • Gravity feed, no mechanical parts
  • Replenishes water in floor drain traps to prevent the escape of sewer gases
  • Eco-friendly means of trap priming
  • 1/2 in nominal branch connection
  • Standard/Approvals: ASSE 1044, IAPMO Listed, UPC Certified