Sioux Chief SideWinder™ 550-MP2 Bend Support, Domestic
Pipe Supports
MPN: 855708 4008643 MFG #: 550-MP2
4.66000 / ea

Tomahawk SideWinder™ Bend Support, Series: 550-M, Domestic

Sioux Chief's metal bend supports are designed to provide a bend radius on PEX tube without kinking the tube. Metal bend support shall be free from any burrs or rough edges and shall have a zinc-plated finish.

  • Features
  • Forms tight radius 90 degree bend in flexible CTS tube without kinking
  • Nail plate model have unique open corner which allow tube to be inserted after the bracket is installed and after tubing end has been plugged
  • Pre-drilled hole for 3/8 in (3) rebar allow installer to use as a ground stake for flexible CTS tube
  • Mount several Sidewinders to PowerBar™ to organize pipe underground before the pour
  • INCLUDES: 1/2 in Flexible CTS with Nail Plate