Harris® Bridgit® BRGT61 Solder Wire, 1/8 in, 460 to 630 deg F Melting, 1 lb Spool
MPN: 8449 4394923 MFG #: BRGT61
49.95000 / ea

Harris® Bridgit® Solder Wire, Lead-Free, 1/8 in Wire Dia, 460 to 630 deg F Melting, Spool, 1 lb

Lead-free solder widely used in plumbing applications where lead-bearing solders are prohibited. Contains nickel, making joints tremendously strong. Wide range makes Bridgit an excellent alloy for large diameter fittings and ill-fitted or non-concentric pipes. Fills gaps and caps off easily and effectively.

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  • Standard/Approvals: ANSI 61/372, ASTM B32, Annex G/California AB 1953, NSF 61/372, RoHS Compliant