Cherne® Clean-Seal® 271713 Pneumatic Pipe Plug, 3 in Pipe, 13 psi Working, Natural Rubber

5574 MFG #: 271713
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Cherne® Clean-Seal® Pipe Plug, Pneumatic, 3 in Pipe, 13 psi Working, Natural Rubber, 7.38 in L x 3.50 in D

  • Features
  • Plug holds back up to 13 psi or 30 ft of head pressure
  • Plug design keeps work area and plumber dry no backsplash
  • Seals both plastic and hard to seal cast iron threaded cleanouts
  • Easy to install
  • Removable snifter valve inflation fitting is replaceable
  • Made from long-lasting natural rubber
  • Seals both cast iron and plastic pipe