American Standard 2395.202.020 Princeton™ Recessed Bathtub With Luxury Ledge, Soaking, Rectangular, 60 in L x 34 in W, Right Hand Drain, White, Domestic
Alcove Bathtubs
MPN: 5329 4116059 MFG #: 2395.202.020
635.00000 / ea

American Standard Recessed Bathtub, Princeton™, Bath Therapy Type: Soaking, Rectangular, 60 in Length, 34 in Width, 14 in Height, 42 gal Water, Right Hand Drain Location, 42 x 19 in at Sump/56 x 25 in at Rim Bathing Well, Alcove Mount, Americast®, White, Domestic

Book smarts, beautifully applied. This Princeton® Collection bathtub is made of Americast®, our revolutionary alternative to cast iron that's more durable and lighter. Features an extra-wide ledge for toiletries, glossy porcelain finish, beveled headrest, lumbar support and a slip-resistant surface. Alcove installation. Learn more about Americast. Americast® is our proprietary, revolutionary alternative to cast iron that's more durable, lighter and costs less to install. Thanks to inherent manufacturing advantages, Americast bathtubs can be made deeper, flatter and roomier than their cast iron counterparts.

  • Features
  • Recessed bath with integral apron and tiling flange
  • Extra wide ledge for placement of toiletries
  • Integral lumbar support
  • Beveled headrest
  • Full slip-resistant surface
  • End drain outlet
  • New integral base
  • ADA compliant with seat installed at head end
  • New and Improved StanSure™ slip-resistant textured surface that is-easier to clean and stays cleaner longer a brighter, white textured surface that is more visually appealing and covering 56% more of the tub floor to help increase bathroom safety
  • Americast® brand engineered material is a composition of porcelain bonded to enameling grade metal, bonded to a patented structural composite