Spears® LabWaste™ P321-020C Pipe 1/8 Bend, 2 in, Hub, SCH 40/STD, CPVC, Domestic
CPVC Pipe Fittings
MPN: 246412 3362323 MFG #: P321-020C
49.88000 / ea

Spears® LabWaste™ Pipe 1/8 Bend, Fitting/Connector Type: 45 deg Bend, 2 in Nominal Size, Hub, SCH 40/STD, Molded, CPVC, Gray, Domestic

Special drainage systems for corrosive chemical or acid waste shall be manufactured from CPVC Type IV, ASTM Cell Classification 23447. All pipe shall be Schedule 40 CPVC manufactured to ASTM F441. All pipe shall be CAN/ULC S102.2 Listed for flame spread and smoke development with rating designated on the pipe marking. All pipe markings shall be accompanied by a yellow stripe for identification of CPVC chemical waste system. All fittings shall be CPVC drainage patterns meeting the requirements of ASTM D3311 and performance criteria of ASTM D2665, as applicable. All fitting socket dimensions shall be in accordance with approved manufacturers' specifications. All fittings shall be CAN/ULC S102.2 Listed for flame spread and smoke development and rating designated on the original package labeling. Joining method for pipe and fittings shall be solvent cement welding. Solvent cement shall be a "one-step" primerless type CPVC cement specially formulated for resistance to corrosive chemicals and manufactured in accordance with ASTM F493. All pipe, fittings, and cement shall be supplied together as a system, as Spears® LabWaste® CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage Systems manufactured by Spears® Manufacturing Company.

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  • Chemical and corrosion resistant CPVC
  • Manufactured to ASTM F2618 in full line of drainage pattern fitting configurations
  • NSF® certified for corrosive waste
  • Cost saving solvent weld joining eliminates the need for electro-fusion joints and for mechanical joint connections in concealed spaces
  • A flame and smoke rated piping system
  • Standard/Approvals: ASTM 23447|ASTM D3311/D2665|ASTM F441/F493|CAN/ULC S102.2 Listed
  • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime