Uponor D1141000 Multi-Layer Composite Tubing, 1 in Nominal, 1.014 in ID x 1.266 in OD x 100 ft Coil L, White, PEX

239973 MFG #: D1141000
$439.35 / ea

Uponor Composite Tubing, 1 in Nominal Size, 1.014 in Inside Dia, 1.266 in Outside Dia, 100 ft Coil Length, 145 psi Working, 203 to 230 deg F, PEX, White

Multi-layer composite (MLC) tubing consists of interior aluminum tubing lined with inner and outer layers of PEX. MLC tubing offers 100% oxygen diffusion. The stay-in-place rigid feature of the tubing works great for hydronic baseboard, radiators, unit heaters, air handlers or manifold connections. Uponor MLC tubing is manufactured to the following standard: ASTM F1281 "Standard Specification for Cross-linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pressure Pipe". Tubing is rated and listed by the Hydrostatic Stress Board of PPI at 200 deg F at 100 psi, 180 deg F at 125 psi, 140 deg F at 160 psi, and 73 deg F at 200 psi.

  • Features
  • 2.76E-4 in tubing roughness
  • 0.23 Btu/hr/ft/deg F thermal conductivity
  • 1.38E-5 deg F thermal expansion coefficient
  • 0.3 in/18 deg F (8 deg C)/100 ft linear expansion rate
  • Standard Grade Hydrostatic Ratings: 73 deg F at 200 psi, 140 deg F at 160 psi, 200 deg F at 100 psi
  • 6 in bend radius
  • MLC tubing is used in hydronic heating and cooling installations only
  • MLC tubing is not for potable applications
  • Use MLC press tools and chamfering tools with MLC tubing
  • Standard/Approvals: ASTM F-1281, ICC ESR 1402, IPC
  • WARRANTY: Limited