DuraVent® FasNSeal® FSVL1204 Single Wall Special Gas Vent Pipe, 4 in Dia x 12 in L, Stainless Steel
Gas Vent Pipes, General
MPN: 233422 4239009 MFG #: FSVL1204
41.56000 / ea

DuraVent® FasNSeal® Special Gas Vent Pipe, Single-Wall, 4 in Dia, 12 in Length, Stainless Steel

All FasNSeal (single-wall) vent lengths and components feature patented built-in mechanical locking band and triple-lipped directional gaskets. All pipes and components are engineered with smooth clean welds located 90 deg from mechanical locking bands. This construction feature allows for ease of installation. The 1/2 in air space between the inner and outer wall on FasNSeal W2 helps to reduce the clearance to combustibles in addition to creating a heat shield for additional safety. All FasNSeal components which come in contact with exhaust gases and condensates are now silicone free. This important design and manufacturing feature greatly reduces the chances of system breakdown and failure. The main problems with silicone are there are too many adhesion factors which are very difficult to control and the process of binding similar materials with an epoxy, which can weaken the bond over time. Welded seams ensure a leak-free product that is meant to last.

  • Features
  • 0.016 in inner and outer wall thickness
  • FasNSeal® is manufactured from AL29-4C®, a superferritic stainless steel designed for extreme resistance to chloride ion pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, as well as general corrosion in oxidizing and moderately reducing environments
  • AL29-4C® is an ideal choice for resisting deleterious effects of corrosive condensates created by partially or fully condensing natural gas and propane fired heating appliances
  • FasNSeal® must be sized according to the heating appliance manufacturers instructions, NFPA 211, NFPA 54 and any other relevant local building codes and regulations
  • Use with natural gas or propane Categories II, III and IV appliances or Canada's Type BH Gas Vent Systems, having a maximum rated operating temperature of 480 deg F and a maximum positive pressure of 15 in (FasNSeal Flex 6 in) water column
  • Standard/Approvals: ULC S636, UL 1738