Hercules® Glug® 20410 Drain Opener, 20 oz, Flakes, Odorless
Drain Cleaners & Openers
MPN: 21798 3479073 MFG #: 20410
16.56000 / ea

Hercules® Glug® Drain Opener, 20 oz, 1.35 lb Net Weight, Flakes, Odorless, 13 to 14, >2.13 Specific Gravity, Composition: Sodium Hydroxide

Non-fuming, does not produce offensive odors or gases normally associated with other drain openers. Ideal for institutional, home, hospital, factory and office building use where strong odors are objectionable. Non-acid, powerful action crystalline flakes provide high surface area to the clog. Large flakes quickly dissolve grease, hair, soap, food and other organic material. Works faster than liquid caustic or bleached-based openers and is more economical to use. Glug can be used for both emergency and preventive maintenance treatments of clogged or slow moving drains and waste lines. Safe for septic systems when used as directed. Contains no phosphates or aluminum. Hot water formula will not solidify in drains. Will not stain and is harmless to most metal and plastic pipes, valves and fittings and will not damage chrome, brass or fine plumbing fixtures. Avoid contact with aluminum pipe or utensils, acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs, basins and surfaces. Available in four convenient-sized containers with child-resistant caps. Glug is also available in clog-specific liquid formulations for kitchen or bath. Both dry and liquid products are not sales-restricted.

  • Features
  • Non-acid crystals clear sluggish drains and prevent clogs
  • Harmless to most metal and plastic pipe, valves and fittings
  • Not to be used for clogged toilet bowls or completely stopped drains
  • Works fast on slugging drains
  • Leave no offensive after odor
  • 1.2 density
  • Standard/Approvals: ISO 91:28 Certified