Zoeller® Crawl Space® 108 Pumping System, 19 to 43 gpm, 1/3 hp, Cast Iron
Submersible Sump Pumps
MPN: 184794 4126892 MFG #: 108
620.00000 / ea

Zoeller® Crawl Space® Pumping System, 19 to 43 gpm, 19-1/4 ft Maximum Head, 1/3 hp, 115 V, 9.7 A, 60 Hz, 3-Wire Cord, Non-Clogging Vortex Impeller, 130 deg F, Cast Iron, 14-7/8 in H x 12-1/4 in W

This system is designed specifically with tight or restricted spaces in mind. Indoors or outdoors, eliminate standing water from areas without proper drainage. Prevent the accumulation of moisture, fungus, and odors commonly found in residential crawl spaces. The perforated basin and solid lid keep large debris from entering the pit, eliminating maintenance.

  • Features
  • 15-5/8 in upper flange width
  • Helps to eliminate mold and fungus which cause allergies
  • Moisture damage to wood floors, rugs, metal ducts, insulation
  • Rodents, slugs, insects, pests
  • Insecticide dilution
  • Property inspection problems, odor
  • Structural damage due to freezing water buckling concrete
  • Water pooling in yard, on drive, patio and around house
  • Model No 53 Pump
  • INCLUDES: Automatic Pump, 24 ft Hose and Tank Assembly