EJP Waterous Pacer® WB-67-250 5 Hydrant, 250 psi, Ductile Iron
Fire Hydrants
MPN: 164273 6063361 MFG #: WB-67-250 5
3447.00000 / ea

EJP Waterous Pacer® Hydrant, Series: WB-67-250, 5-1/4 in Valve Opening, 250 psi Maximum, Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated

Many years of experience have taught Waterous what customers want in a hydrant. They have applied this knowledge into the Pacer design. As a result it incorporates the best features of all hydrants with additional features not available elsewhere. Pacer is a functionally designed hydrant unmatched in overall convenience. In addition, Pacer meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards.

  • Features
  • 360 deg nozzle rotation the stainless steel retaining ring system allows 360 deg rotation by merely loosening the flange bolts and turning the nozzle section to the exact position desired
  • All bronze drain no composition, plastic, rubber or leather face to chip, peel or crack
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating the interior and exterior of the MJ shoe as well as the upper and lower valve washers are fully coated with fusion applied epoxy
  • The all bronze drain plunger shall be positively operated by the main operating rod
  • A travel stop nut shall be used to provide a positive limit to the travel of the main operating rod
  • The hydrant shall have a 2-piece operating nut for durability and low maintenance
  • Nozzles shall be mechanically attached with a ductile iron retainer and sealed with an O-ring
  • The upper and lower standpipe and extensions shall be ductile iron with a minimum of 7-1/4 in ID
  • The MJ shoe and upper and lower valve washers shall be fully coated with a fusion applied epoxy
  • The MJ shoe shall be attached to the lower barrel with stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • The MJ shoe shall have a flat bottom, ribbed back and strapping lugs to facilitate installation
  • The hydrant design shall allow plugging of the drains without excavating
  • 5 ft D of bury
  • Right direction to open
  • Standard/Approvals: FM Approved, UL listed