EJP 39469 2 AFC-2500 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve, 8 in, Mechanical Joint, Ductile Iron Body

163236 MFG #: 39469 2
$3,122.00 / ea
  • Body Material: Ductile Iron
  • End Style: Mechanical Joint
  • Nominal Size: 8
  • Pressure Rating: 250
  • Series: AFC-2500
  • Trim Material: Bronze
  • Type: Resilient Wedge

EJP Gate Valve, Resilient Wedge, Series: AFC-2500, 8 in Nominal, Mechanical Joint, 250 psi, Ductile Iron Body, Bronze Trim

Not since the butterfly valve was introduced has a product had as much impact on the waterworks industry as the Resilient Seated Gate Valve. Now we have taken a great product and made it even better through the process of value engineering. The Model AFC-2500 Ductile Iron Gate Valve incorporates the proven features of our cast iron valves and adds all the advantages inherent in ductile iron construction - greater strength, higher pressure rating, increased safety factor, greater durability and lighter weight. The AFC-2500 Ductile Iron Gate Valve is easier to work with during construction due to its lighter weight yet it possesses far greater strength than cast iron valves to resist abuse both during installation and in service. The combination of ductile iron construction with the proven features of the resilient wedge valve, make for a truly superior valve, ideal for use in drinking water distribution, fire protection and wastewater applications. These features include: absolute shut off, low torque operation, minimal maintenance and full fusion bonded epoxy coating with stainless steel nuts and bolts to provide superior corrosion resistance. The AFC-2500 Ductile Iron Gate Valve offers a 250 psi standard working pressure rating, which exceeds the working pressure rating requirements of AWWA C-515 by 25%.

  • Features
  • Upper O-ring seals can be replaced while the valve is fully open and under pressure (meets AWWA C-515 requirements)
  • Thrust washers minimize operating torque
  • Lower O-ring seal (meets or exceeds AWWA C-515 requirements for sealing)
  • High strength bronze stem and nut resists corrosion and abuse (meets or exceeds all applicable AWWA C-515 Standards)
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating inside and out ensures maximum corrosion resistance for long service life (meets or exceeds all applicable AWWA C-550 Standards)
  • Ductile iron construction stronger, lighter and easier to handle
  • Smooth, full diameter waterway no recesses to trap debris or obstruct flow
  • Unique wedge design special geometry and elastomer covering ensure drop tight seal every time with low stem torque
  • Type 18-8 stainless steel body bolts and nuts are standard
  • Flat flange bottoms to facilitate ease of installation (blocking) and storage
  • Anti-rotation seat prevents T-head bolts from turning in slot
  • Delrin slides affixed to wedge for reduced torque and wear (on valves 4 in and larger)
  • Left direction to open
  • Standard/Approvals: AWWA C515, FM Approved, UL Listed