Diversitech Pro-Bubble™ PRO-BUBBLE-32 Leak Detector, 32 oz Bottle, Liquid, Clear Syrupy Blue, Odorless
Leak Detection
MPN: 1331255 3488427 MFG #: PRO-BUBBLE-32
9.86000 / ea

Diversitech Pro-Bubble™ Leak Detector, Bottle With Spray Top, 32 oz, Composition: Glycerol, Liquid, Clear Syrupy Blue, Odorless, 8 to 9, 1.01 Specific Gravity

Easy-to-use, high-bubbling, viscoelastic blue leak detector. New improved formula.

  • Features
  • Cohesive flow properties cause the product to flow to the leak, enhances bubble production and duration
  • Makes a cluster of small bubbles at the leaking point
  • Odorless, non toxic, non-corrosive
  • Bottle with spray top