Spears® 887-060 Pipe Nipple, 2 in x 6 in L MNPT, PVC, SCH 80/XH, Domestic
PVC Plastic Pipe Nipples
MPN: 13148 3370882 MFG #: 887-060
14.96000 / ea

Spears® Pipe Nipple, 2 in Nominal Size, MNPT, 6 in Length, SCH 80/XH, PVC, Gray, Domestic

PVC/CPVC/PE Nipples furnished may be produced from extruded stock, or from molding grade PVC/CPVC compounds. Both processes provide quality products meeting ASTM requirements. Spears® thermoplastic nipples are produced in a variety of styles, several of which are illustrated below. These are referred to as Plain (no threads), TOE (Threaded One End), TBE (Threaded Both Ends), Grooved (which can be Plain x Groove, Groove x Thread, and Groove x Groove). Special varieties of Polyethylene Nipples include Cut-off, Four-In-One Cut-off and Four-In-One Cut-off Reducing. Close Nipples are simply two (2) threads back to back. Short Nipples is a term commonly used to designate a slightly longer nipple that is usually the smallest length above "close". The following table shows length of Close and Short nipples.

  • Features
  • Molded PVC
  • Standard/Approvals: ASTM D1785/2464/2467