Sioux Chief Raise-A-Ring™ 886-R Spacer/Extension Ring, ABS
Plumbing Drains & Traps Accessories
MPN: 130506 3699557 MFG #: 886-R
4.49000 / ea

Tomahawk Raise-A-Ring™ Spacer/Extension Ring, ABS, 7/16 in Thk

Installers use Sioux Chief's spacer and repair rings to repair or adapt closet flanges for specific applications, such as when new or thicker flooring is added. The Quick Spacer™ installs under the flange, while the Raise-A-Ring™ is typically set on top of the flange, and can be stacked if necessary. For repairs to cracked or broken flanges, installers can fit Sioux Chief's stainless steel Ringer™ over the damaged flange and fasten it to the floor. Also available is a two-piece repair ring, designed to replace rusted or broken metal swivel rings without replacing the plastic portion of the flange.

  • Features
  • Build up existing flange when added subfloor, tile, etc., leaves flange at or below floor level
  • Stack rings for additional height