Woodford® 25W-12 Model 25 Anti-Siphon Freezeless Automatic Draining Wall Faucet, 1/2 in, Wirsbo® Tube, 12 in THK Wall, 125 psi
Wall Hydrants
MPN: 1213692 5141524 MFG #: 25W-12
120.40000 / ea

Woodford® Automatic Draining Wall Faucet, Anti-Siphon Freezeless, Series: Model 25, 1/2 in Nominal, Wirsbo® Tube, 12 in Wall Thickness, 125 psi, Wheel Handle, 120 deg F, Brass, 15/16 in Dia Inlet

The Woodford® Model 25 drains as handle is shut off even if hose is attached. This faucet is designed for outside residential water service applications and intended for irrigation purposes.

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  • This unit offers anti-siphon protection
  • Valve: molded nitrile suitable for hot water
  • Nidel® model 34HA anti-siphon vacuum breaker with 3/4 in male hose thread nozzle
  • No lead solder on all solder joints
  • Hemispherical cushion type plunger
  • Delrin® stem screw
  • Brass nut
  • Metal wheel handle
  • Standard/Approvals: ASSE 1019-B, Government Specification WW-541b Type 205, IAPMO Listed