McDonald® 5189-068 790 Standard Single Coil Pit Assembly, 1 in Meter, 1 in, Male Iron Pipe Standard
Meter Setter
MPN: 1165869 5200669 MFG #: 5189-068
1435.67000 / ea

McDonald® Single Coil Pit Assembly, Standard, Series: 790, 1 in Meter, 1 in, Male Iron Pipe Standard, Standard Port Lockwing Ball Valve Inlet Valve, Standard Port Dual Check Outlet Valve, For Use With: Threaded Meters

The McDonald® Coil Pit Setter provides a means to allow a meter to be read and maintained even though it is set deep in the ground to resist freezing. The Coil Pit Setter is designed with the meter installed on a platform that normally sets near the bottom of the box where the ground temperatures are warmer. The meter and platform are connected to the service line by coils of tubing which allows the meter and platform to be raised to the surface for service or replacement. The body of the meter box is rigid PVC of various diameters. For extremely cold climates, an optional insulating pad is available which traps the relatively warm air rising from the earth, inside the meter box. McDonald® Coil Pit Setters are shipped fully assembled, ready for meter and service line installation. Their light weight saves shipping costs and makes installation a one man job in most cases. Every box is factory tested and has a 150 psig maximum working pressure rating. McDonald® Coil Pit Setters are available in single, dual and tandem settings for 5/8 in to 1 in meters. A wide variety of end connections, control valves, box depths, lids and other options are available. Due to the almost endless combination of features offered, each meter box is custom built to your specifications.

  • Features
  • 18 in Dia pit
  • 48 in D bury
  • No lead
  • WARRANTY: 90 Days Limited