Reed 02357 Valve and Curb Key
Valve Box Keys
MPN: 1162135 4540761 MFG #: 02357
203.26000 / ea

Reed Valve and Curb Key, Steel

Reed Valve and Curb Keys are built for strength and durability. All of Reed's key assemblies will support a maximum torque of 200 foot-pounds. Upper shafts are made from heavy-gauge, mechanical steel tubing plus curb key ends are machined from solid steel for strength. As a safety feature, keys bend before breaking to indicate overload. Made in USA, Reed valve and curb keys also feature strong welds at critical points. Valve and curb keys have a telescoping design. When telescoped in, they are under 4 feet long and fit easily in small utility trucks, behind pickup seats, and in car trunks. When telescoped out, lengths of 5 feet to 7 feet are possible. Add VKEXT or VKEXT3 extension bars to further extend the keys to maximum lengths of 10 to 12 feet. VK6KIT is great for water and sewer utility companies to have on service trucks for emergencies because it contains a variety of keys in one organized set. VKP and VKP10 feature a pivot head used for leaning or unparallel valves which can occur over time as lines settle. For greater control and versatility, a variety of tools fit the end of these T handles to turn curb stops. Optional clip-on tools turn small valve wheels and curb box rods. Valve keys may be used manually or with Reed's 700PD power drive and clutch for electric or pneumatic power. With this wide variety, operators choose valve keys according to the needs of their systems. Valve & Curb Keys Matrix.

  • Features
  • Compact size fits in crowded utility trucks, behind pickup seats, or in car trunks
  • Heavy gauge, mechanical steel tubing shafts support a maximum torque of 200 foot-pounds
  • Reed VK2 or VK3 saves the space, expense, and handling of 1 or 2 other single purpose keys
  • Wide choice of attachable tools allows users to customize to their systems
  • Reed valve keys feature strong welds at critical points
  • As a safety feature, Reed valve keys bend before they break
  • Use manually with included handle or add Reed 700PD power drive and clutch for power valve operation
  • 45 in L close/81 in L open