Hersey® 420 Positive Displacement Composite Water Meter With 5 ft Hot Rod, 5/8 in MNPT, 15 gpm, 150 psi

1144967 MFG #: 1144967
$432.33 / ea

Hersey® Composite Water Meter, Positive Displacement, Series 420, 15 gpm, 150 psi, 5/8 in MNPT Connection, 33 to 100 deg F, 7-1/2 in L x 4-5/6 in W

Composite meters represent the latest advance in positive displacement meter technology. Mueller Systems meters from incorporate lead free, renewable resources into all meter components that come in contact with water, giving utilities and their customers a metering option that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and in compliance with all current regulations. In addition, our composite meters are stronger, weigh less and are more durable than other meters. With no possibility for corrosion or lead contamination and with the ability to encourage conservation when utilized with Hot Rod and Mi.Net, Mueller Systems meters are the premier green metering choice for the future. Our composite meters help customers accurately and reliably measure cold water over time for residential and small commercial applications, especially where water volumes are low and low flow sensitivity is critical. The meter employs industry first stainless steel threads for corrosion free connections and built in connection washers for those hard to set applications. The permanently sealed register has a unique seal and heat-treated glass to eliminate dirt, moisture infiltration and lens fogging. To resist tampering with the register, an integral tamper-proof locking feature is provided.

  • Features
  • Hersey® 420 water meters consist of three basic parts: maincase; measuring chamber and permanently sealed register
  • The maincase is an advanced composite material designed for reduced weight and minimal environmental impact
  • Stainless steel metal threads provide corrosion resistant connections to standard bronze couplings
  • Direction of flow arrows, model and size are molded into each maincase for easy identification
  • The bottom cover is an advanced composite material designed with a unique internal thread that enhances the structural integrity of the meter and is sealed with an o-ring
  • The measuring chamber is molded from materials specifically designed to provide reduced wear during operation
  • The measuring chamber, integral strainer, nutating disc and thrust roller are thermoplastic, which is dimensionally stable and will not corrode
  • The thrust roller moves smoothly along the chamber diaphragm to reduce friction and maintain accuracy
  • The register box and lid are molded thermoplastic
  • The meter is designed so that the register can be replaced without removing the meter from the service line
  • Standard/Approvals: AWWA C710, ANSI B1.20.1, EPA Initiatives, NSF 61