Fluidmaster® PRO45U Adjustable Universal Fill Valve With Inserts

1132349 MFG #: PRO45U
$19.13 / ea
  • Domestic/Import: Import
  • Type: Adjustable Universal

Fluidmaster® Fill Valve, Adjustable Universal, PRO Series

Introducing the first truly universal fill valve - the PRO45U. Based on our PRO45 platform, the PRO45U is built to fit every toilet out there - from the old 5 gpf to the new 1.28 HET toilets to special toilets like the TOTO® Drake and Kohler® Cimarron. The PRO45U restores them all to factory specifications thanks to six refill diverter inserts and our patented water saving refill adjuster. Now plumbers don't have to worry about having the right fill valve on their truck. With the PRO45U, plumbers know they have the right fill valve for any toilet.

Pack: 25/CS
  • Features
  • Fits all two-piece and most one-piece toilets
  • Refill diverter inserts and roller clamp refill adjuster allow PRO45U to set toilet to factory spec for bowl refill
  • Bowl refill rate can be adjusted to meet factory spec of toilet
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Minimal water hammer
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • For professional