IPEX 112002W Termination Screen, Polypropylene, White
Plumbing Drains & Traps Accessories
MPN: 1106329 4075194 MFG #: 112002W
4.73000 / ea

IPEX Termination Screen, Polypropylene, White, 2 in

To prevent foreign objects from entering a venting system and causing an obstruction. Obstructions can reduce Efficiencies or cause the furnace/water heater to shutdown.

  • Features
  • Fits inside hub end of schedule 40 DWV fitting
  • Friction fit
  • Does not conduct heat like metal
  • Can be removed if necessary
  • Will not rust from acidic vent gases
  • More Difficult to Flash freeze than metal screens
  • No sharp edge, unlike metal screens
  • Gas water Heater Exhaust
  • High Efficiency Furnace Exhaust
  • High Efficiency Furnace air Intake