Fluidmaster® Flush 'n Sparkle® 8300P8 Toilet Bowl Cleaning System, Cartridge Container, Bleach
Automatic Toilet Cleaners
MPN: 1072728 4423838 MFG #: 8300P8
28.43000 / ea

Fluidmaster® Flush 'n Sparkle® Toilet Bowl Cleaning System, Cartridge, Bleach

  • Features
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cleans toilets for three months
  • Added bleach cleaning power
  • Easily installed in less than five minutes
  • Isolates cleaner from the tank water so tank parts aren't damaged by the detergents or bleach used by other in-tank cleaners
  • Cleanser-treated water is injected only to the bowl, where it is needed, so cleaner application is efficient
  • Surfactant-based cleaning agent reduces spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Tray pack