Dearborn® P9703WBG Tubular P-Trap, 1-1/2 in, PVC
Tubular P-Traps
MPN: 1069451 4565127 MFG #: P9703WBG
2.56300 / ea

Dearborn® P-Trap, Tubular, 1-1/2 in Nominal, PVC

Dearborn® Plastic 1-1/2 in Tubular P-Traps with Threaded Adapter are manufactured with PVC or ABS plastic adapter and True Blue Premium Washers for superior sealing in tubular drain applications.

  • Features
  • Made of PVC for easier cutting and glue applications
  • Super nuts feature full sized wings and longer threads
  • Item is bagged
  • INCLUDES: Marvel Connector, Threaded PVC Adapter and Reversible J-Bend, Bagged with True Blue Washer