Lochinvar® Squire® SIT080 Indirect Water Heater, 160 MBtu/hr Heating, 82 gal Tank

1055564 MFG #: SIT080
$2,400.00 / ea

Lochinvar® Squire® Indirect Water Heater, 160 MBtu/hr Heating, 82 gal Tank, 14 gpm, 1-1/2 in Water Connection, 266 gph Recovery, 150 psi, Stainless Steel, 24 in Dia x 69-1/2 in H

  • Features
  • Fully welded construction - Lochinvar® utilizes state of the art, highly accurate robotic welding equipment that results in a fully welded construction method that requires no gaskets or mechanical sealing methods
  • Gaskets and seals are the weak point of any water storing appliance, therefore Lochinvar®s advanced design eliminates this potential failure point
  • Factory supplied tank sensor (SIT and SDT only) - a tank sensor with built in temperature limit is standard equipment on all sizes, this sensor accurately monitors the water temperature and sends a call for heat when the tank temperature drops below the desired setpoint
  • This sensor is 100% compatible and can be directly connected with Lochinvar® line of KNIGHT or Cadet heating boilers
  • Tap and relief valve - supplied with the unit in the carton
  • High density CFC/HCFC free polyurethane foam - two inches of R-13.4 high density polyurethane foam yields the lowest standby losses in the industry
  • Attractive rust resistant jacket - resistant to scratches and dents, the squire will maintain its classic high quality appearance for years
  • Standard/Approvals: AHRI/CSA Certified