Grinnell® TD83040 Flow Control Triple Duty Valve, 4 in, Grooved, Ductile Iron Body

1043430 MFG #: TD83040
$5,995.00 / ea
  • Body Material: Ductile Iron
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2 in O.D x 15-5/8 in H
  • End Style: Grooved
  • Nominal Size: 4
  • Pressure Rating: 640/565
  • Series: TD830
  • Temperature Rating: 100/300
  • Type: Flow Control

Grinnell® Triple Duty Valve, Flow Control, Series: TD830, 4 in Nominal Size, Grooved, 640/565 psi, 100/300 deg F, Ductile Iron Body, 4-1/2 in O.D x 15-5/8 in H

The Grinnell® Model TD830 Triple Duty Valve is primarily designed for installation in pump discharge piping where it functions as a spring-loaded silent check valve, flow-control valve, and shut-off valve. The Model TD830 Triple-Duty Valve operates automatically and silently. Line pressure of approximately 1/4 psi will open the disc. The spring closes the disc as the line flow approaches zero in order to prevent flow reversal and water hammer. The flow through the valve can be adjusted from bubble-tight shut-off to full-flow by the acme threaded rising stem. The Model TD830 Triple-Duty Valve can be installed quickly into grooved end piping systems with two Grinnell® couplings.

  • Features
  • The externally guided disc has a soft seat to ensure a leak-tight seat
  • The rising stem design incorporates a graduated position indicator to ensure accurate disc positioning for throttling service
  • The yoke and valve stem are unwetted external parts so they cannot be corroded or eroded by the line fluid
  • All mating threaded parts are made of dissimilar, non-galling metals
  • An NPT drain plug is provided, as well as bosses for gauge taps at the inlet and outlet
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited