American Standard 6063013.002 Selectronic® Exposed Urinal Flush Valve, CR-P2 Lithium Battery, 0.125 gpf, 3/4 in Inlet, 3/4 in Spud, 20 to 80 psi, Polished Chrome, Import
Automatic Flush Valves
MPN: 1035817 4116202 MFG #: 6063013.002
633.00000 / ea

American Standard Exposed Urinal Flush Valve, Selectronic®, CR-P2 Lithium Battery, 0.125 gpf Flush, 3/4 in Inlet, 3/4 in Spud Coupling, 11-1/2 in Rough-In, 20 to 80 psi, Brass, Polished Chrome, Import

An impressive collection of electronic and manual valves designed to meet the demands of high-use spaces. Labor-saving installation, water-saving operation and time-saving maintenance and care.

  • Features
  • This high efficiency 0.125 gpf flush valve saves 87% of water usage when matched with the Washbrook® 0.125 gpf HEU
  • Exclusive pressure compensation feature allows the flush valve to deliver a constant flush volume regardless of water pressure
  • Flush valve can not be adjusted to deliver more or less water, ensuring water savings and performance
  • Electronic flush valve with Selectronic® proximity system for "hands free" operation
  • Self-cleaning piston helps prevent clogging and reduces maintenance
  • Positive seal ensures leak-free performance without the chance of warping or cracking
  • Fully mechanical manual override button can flush toilet during a power outage
  • Range can be adjusted manually or by remote control
  • State-of-the-Art electronics eliminates false flushes
  • Sensor and electronic controls are hermetically sealed to ensure reliable operation
  • Sanitary flush valve automatically flushes after 24 hours of non-use to maintain trap seal and clean fixture
  • Stadium feature: valve automatically switches to water savings mode during periods of heavy usage
  • Fail-safe: valve automatically closes on loss of power, remains closed during start-up 3 sec flush delay
  • Low battery indicator
  • Can be installed left or right hand
  • Electronic, sensor activated urinal flush valve shall feature self-cleaning piston valve with integral wiper spring in refill orifice to prevent clogging
  • Includes a factory-installed CR-P2 lithium battery and fully mechanical manual override that can flush the valve without power
  • Includes semi-red brass valve body and metal cover with chrome finish
  • Sweat solder kit and high back pressure vacuum breaker also included
  • Hygienic, touch-free operation
  • Standard/Approvals: ASSE 1037, ANSI/ASME A112.19.2, ADA Compliant
  • INCLUDES: Inlet Includes 3/4 in Sweat Solder Kit and Angle Stop with Back-Flow Protection and Vandal-Resistant Cap and Outlet Includes 3/4 in High Back Pressure Vacuum Breaker with Spud Coupling and Flange