Honeywell Aquatrol® AQ25244B/U Universal Injection/Mixing Boiler Reset Control Panel, DIP Switch User Interface, 4 Zones, 24 VAC 0.5 A 12 VA Boiler Output, Import
Hydronic Boiler Control
MPN: 1031496 5171837 MFG #: AQ25244B/U
600.94000 / ea

Honeywell Aquatrol® Boiler Reset Control Panel, Universal Injection/Mixing, Series: AQ252, User Interface: DIP Switch, 4 Zones, Boiler Output: 24 VAC 0.5 A 12 VA, 38 VA, 10 ft Lead Length, 2 x 14 AWG Wire, Wire-Clamp Screw Terminal, 8 in H x 16-1/2 in W x 3-3/8 in D, Import

Honeywell AQ252 AQUATROL universal injection/mixing boiler reset controls for single temperature, residential hydronic heating systems ensure ample supply of hot water through energy-efficient outdoor temperature compensated control.

  • Features
  • Replacement parts: AQ10X38 24 VAC 38 VA transformer, AQ12C11 supply/return/mixed loop sensor, AQ15740B 4-zone valve with end switch expansion module, AQ12C10 outdoor sensor, AQ15200B universal injection/mixing boiler reset module
  • 5 to 90% RH non-condensing operating humidity
  • Intuitive and accessible programming interface and central program of zone set points and setback
  • 24 VAC class II (input on control and zoning modules) R-C input
  • Supply/return sensor 10K NTC thermistor at 25 deg C +/- 0.5 deg F up to 500 ft (150 M), outdoor sensor 10K NTC thermistor at 25 deg +/- 0.5 deg F up to 500 ft (150 M)
  • 38 VA and 24 VAC Class II R-C output
  • Zoning control for up to four zones and can be up to 64 zones using expansion panels
  • Boiler short cycling protection, boiler post purge and boiler shock prevent from cold water returning to boiler
  • Automated test and purge feature for quick start-up and troubleshooting
  • Line and low-voltage output and domestic hot water priority and priority override protection
  • Non-volatile EPROM memory retains program settings
  • 32 to 130 deg F panel temperature
  • AQ1000 series 2-wire communicating thermostats and most digital thermostats thermostat compatibility
  • 7 day, up to 2 setback periods/day setback program
  • Zone valves with end switches zoning devices controlled
  • Supply: OFF, 120 to 225 F max, 59 to 180 deg F min boiler control temperature
  • 80 to 210 deg F boiler design temperature
  • -60 to 32 deg F outdoor low design control temperature
  • 80 to 180 deg F return min control temperature
  • OFF, 10 sec to 30 min (factory default is 30 sec) boiler heat post purge
  • Standard/Approvals: CSA C/US Certified to CSA and UL Standards, File #LR76030