Haws® AXION® MSR 8320-8325 Combination Emergency Shower and Eyewash Unit, ABS Plastic Eyewash Bowl, ABS Plastic Shower Head, Floor Mounting, Pull Rod Handle Operation, Specifications Met: ANSI Z358.1-2009, cCSAus Certified

1026165 MFG #: 8320-8325
$1,350.00 / ea
  • Color: Green/Yellow
  • Fitting Material: Steel
  • Head Diameter: 10-5/8
  • Mounting Type: Floor
  • Operation Type: Pull Rod Handle
  • Pipe Material: Steel
  • Specifications Met: ANSI Z358.1-2009, cCSAus Certified
  • Dimensions: 89-1/4 in H
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Haws® AXION® MSR Combination Emergency Shower and Eyewash Unit, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe, ABS Plastic Eyewash Bowl, ABS Plastic Shower Head, 10-5/8 in Diameter Head, 11 in Diameter Bowl, Floor Mounting, Specifications Met: ANSI Z358.1-2009, cCSAus Certified, Green/Yellow, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Fitting, 89-1/4 in H Dimensions, Pull Rod Handle Operation

Model 8320-8325 combination shower and eye face wash features the medically acclaimed AXION® MSR eye face wash head assembly (patent pending). This revolutionary inverted flow design is the only product on the market that provides a medically superior response consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors' office protocols by sweeping contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity. Traditional eyewashes irrigate from the outside edge of the eye back toward the nose, where contaminants can then be flushed into the nasal cavity through the lacrimal punctum, nature's ocular cavity drain. AXION® MSR also offers a new hydrodynamic shower design that minimizes the strong physical pressure that drives the water to the outer rim of normal shower heads, making the distribution equal across the entire footprint of the flow. Better use of the water flowing through the shower makes it more effective while providing a more comfortable environment by breaking the streams of water into smaller individual droplets.

  • Features
  • Eyewash streams provide zero vertical Velocity™ stream engineering with even laminar flow for enhanced comfort, stability and effectiveness
  • AXION MSR Abs plastic drench showerhead with flow control delivers dispersed flow for uniform drenching
  • Also features a stainless steel push flag for eyewash activation, stainless steel pull rod for shower activation, mesh in-line eyewash strainer to collect line debris and ball valves with stainless steel ball and stem for durability
  • Pipe and fitting - 1-1/4 in schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Supply and waste - 1-1/4 in NPT
  • Flow regulation
  • In-line strainer
  • Key components assembled
  • Upgraded ball valves
  • Standard/Approvals: Buy American Act|PROP65: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm