Diversitech ClearVue™ Min CVMINI Mini Condensate Pump, 3.38 oz/min
Condensate Pump
MPN: 1302765 4110829 MFG #: CVMINI
150.00000 / ea
  • Dimensions: 3.38 in L x 1.57 in W x 1.84 in H
  • Electrical Ratings: 1 A, 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Flow Rate: 3.38
  • Temperature Rating: 140

Diversitech ClearVue™ Min Mini Condensate Pump, 3.38 oz/min, 1 A, 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 140 deg F, 3.38 in L x 1.57 in W x 1.84 in H

ClearVue™ Mini is the latest innovation in mini-split pump technology from DiversiTech. ClearVue Mini is super quiet and super small so you can install it almost anywhere. And with it's Floatless Sensor™ and Variable Speed and Lift technology, ClearVue Mini gives you greater performance in a super small package. Featuring super quiet operation, specifically designed for ductless system installations, and including iQ technology? and floatless sensor?, clearVue? Mini is chock full of innovative features, and priced competitively.

  • Features
  • This products is designed to automatically pumps condensate produced by ductless (mini-split) systems and it provides head heights lift up to 35 ft (10m) once the levels of condensate in the tank reaches a specified levels
  • Advantages: ClearVue™ mini is the ideal condensate pumps for ductless (mini-split) systems
  • Its compact size helps it fit almost anywhere including inside many wall cassette units and inside lines set covers systems
  • The whisper quiet operation makes it easy to live with even when the pumps is installed near living areas
  • Variable lift: the variable lift in ClearVue™ mini assures that the pumps is running only as fast as is needed to lift the condensate water to the heights needed
  • Floatless sensor™: DiversiTech's patent pending floatless sensor™: eliminates many of the mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps
  • Super quiet operation, floatless sensors technology, flexible installation options, up to 6 ft suction life
  • 3 cond. jacketed flex PVC AC cable
  • 35 ft maximum head heights
  • 1/2 in H inlet from based
  • 19 dB at 35ml/min, 24 dB at 250 ml/min, 28.4 dB at 500 ml/min
  • 5 A at 230 VAC safety switch