WATTS® 0125123 Repair Kit

1186966 MFG #: 0125123
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WATTS® Repair Kit, For Use With: LF5/LFU5/LFU5B 1 in (1/2 to 3/4 in) High Performance Water Pressure Reducing Valves

This lead free repair kit includes all the parts needed to repair a 1 in lead free high performance water pressure reducing valve series LFU5 and LFU5-Z3 used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. This kit consists of a seat, seat gasket, disc, disc screw, strainer plug gasket, strainer screen, bottom plug gasket, diaphragm, and union gasket.

  • Features
  • INCLUDES: Seat, Seat Gasket, Diaphragm, Disc, Disc Screw, Strainer Plug Gasket, Strainer Screen, Bottom Plug Gasket and Union Gasket (For Union Models Only)