Cherne® Clean-Seal® 271828 Pneumatic Pipe Plug, 2 in Pipe, 13 psi, Natural Rubber
Test Plugs & Balls
MPN: 1291624 3481785 MFG #: 271828
64.60000 / ea

Cherne® Clean-Seal® Pipe Plug, Pneumatic, 2 in Pipe, 13 psi Working, Natural Rubber

The Clean-Seal® 2's new patent-pending design adds the ability to plug, fill and drain a DWV system from any PVC, ABS or cast iron tee. Cherne has added Clean-Seal 2 to their broad offering of DWV test products. Trusted by the trade as the best in the business, Clean-Seal 2 offers the same reliable features as the original Clean-Seal with the ability to test the DWV system with either air or water. No longer fill a DWV system from the stack or use other complicated multi-piece products.

  • Features
  • Patent pending design
  • Plug, fill and drain from same cleanout tee
  • Multi-lobe gasket allows sealing of all tees including cast iron
  • Hand tighten in place, no tools required
  • Rubber cap protects hose connection when not in use
  • Check-valve allows removal of hose after filling system and keeps DWV water from back-filling into potable lines