Sloan® ECOS® 3370400 ECOS 8111 Dual Flush Sensor Exposed Flushometer, Battery, 1.6/1.1 gpf, 1 in IPS Inlet, 1-1/2 in Spud, 15 to 100 psi, Polished Chrome, Domestic

935599 MFG #: 3370400
$659.40 / ea
  • Brand: Sloan®
  • Connection Location: Top Spud
  • Domestic/Import: Domestic
  • Finish/color: Polished Chrome
  • Fixture Type: Water Closet
  • Flush Rate: 1.6/1.1 gpf
  • Inlet Size: 1 in IPS
  • Manufacturer: Sloan Valve Company
  • material: Semi-Red Brass
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Pressure Rating: 15 to 100 psi
  • Sensor Range: 22 to 42 in
  • Series: ECOS 8111
  • Spud Coupling: 1-1/2 in
  • Type: Dual Flush
  • Valve Design: Diaphragm

Sloan® ECOS® Sensor Exposed Flushometer, Dual Flush, Series: ECOS 8111, Water Closet Fixture, Battery, 1.6/1.1 gpf Flush, 1 in IPS Inlet, 1-1/2 in Spud Coupling, Diaphragm, Connection Location: Top Spud, 22 to 42 in Sensor, 15 to 100 psi, Semi-Red Brass, Polished Chrome, Domestic

Exposed, Battery Powered, Sensor Activated Sloan ECOS® Electronic Dual Flush Model Water Closet Flushometer that includes a Valve Body with an Adjustable Ground Joint Tailpiece Connection for floor mounted or wall hung top spud bowls.

  • Features
  • If the user is present for less than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the small override button a reduced flush initiates (1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf) eliminating liquid and paper waste saving 1/2 gallon of water
  • If the user is present for greater than one minute and leaves the zone or chooses the large override button the full flush initiates (1.6 gpf/ 6.0 Lpf) eliminating solid waste and paper
  • Reduces water volume by up to 30% when a reduced flush occurs
  • PERMEX® synthetic rubber flex tube diaphragm with twin linear filtered by-pass and vortex cleansing action designed for improved life and reduced maintenance
  • ADA compliant Sloan® ECOS® electronic dual flush battery powered infrared sensor for automatic no hands operation
  • Infrared sensor with multiple-focused lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection with range adjustment screw
  • Latching solenoid operator
  • Engineered metal cover with replaceable lens window
  • User friendly three sec auto flush delay
  • Courtesy Flush® override button
  • Four (4) size AA alkaline batteries included
  • Duracell® with duralock power preserve technology™-guaranteed for up to 10 years in storage
  • Low battery flashing LED
  • Initial set-up range indicator light (first 10 minutes)
  • 1 in IPS screwdriver Bak-Chek® angle stop
  • Free spinning vandal-resistant stop cap
  • Adjustable tailpiece
  • High back pressure vacuum breaker flush connection with one-piece bottom hex coupling nut
  • Spud coupling and flange for 1-1/2 in top spud
  • Top sensor position
  • Standard/Approvals: ADA Compliant, BAA Compliant, cUPC Certified, cUPC Green Certified
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years Limited